American Virtue is a family-owned small business committed to improving the lives of today's American families.

We believe that the United States of America truly is a "melting pot" that offers families a unique opportunity to glean wisdom from other citizens thanks to our variety of cultures, belief systems, and political backgrounds.  We believe in the discernment of the American in choosing what is right for them as an individual and for their family.

Most of all, we believe that by focusing on similarities and common concerns, all Americans can find a voice and a renewed sense of hope. We believe in building bridges.  We believe that by working with others, across perceived boundaries, we can make a difference.

We aim to bring you, the reader, resources that will help you make educated decisions for yourself, your family, and your business.  We strive to do this via the following family-friendly resources:


Stay tuned for more news!  We look forward to serving you and to learning from you!

~ The Founders of American Virtue ~

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